Michigan is a large multi-biome survival map in Unturned 3, created for the Unturned Workshop. It is based on the real-life U.S. state of Michigan, where it mainly focuses on Lansing and its surroundings.

It was first released for testing on August 19th, of 2017. The map is being developed by modders Derek "Pineapple" Dobson, and "Wolf of Rose", with collaboration from the Unturned Server network, "Tactical Network".


Unlisted Locations

  • Ghillie Camp
  • Ranger Base (Snowland Ontario)
  • Coastguard Hangar

Major Updates

  • Test Time (Map first released to the workshop for feedback purposes.)
  • Snowstorm (Added Snowland Ontario and a Ghillie Camp. September 22, 2017.)


  • Nathan "Pandatzky" was another developer on the map, until he quit due to going slow with the project.
  • Michigan is not the first map that Derek "Pineapple" Dobson worked on. He first made 2 arena maps, UFO and Hideout.
  • The team also has two more developers, "Yangus" and "Red_Dawи", who have not been listed on the credits due to not having implemented anything yet.
  • The Official Discord link is