Wright is a location on the Michigan map.


Wright is located in the southeast corner of the map.


It is notably larger than most military bases, excluding Selfridge Military Base. It has things you would expect from a Military Base, such as barracks, towers, aircraft hangars, and armories, but also has things like a hospital, and a badly lit assumed Scorpion-7 bunker.


Wright spawns vanilla American military loot, as well as a forest variant of the American military clothing and Michigan guns. It also drops Scorpion-7 loot in the assumed Scorpion-7 bunker, providing evidence that it actually is Scorpion-7.

Spawns Desert Humvee, Desert Ural, Desert APC, Desert Huey, Desert Tank, Hawk, and Falcon.


Wright was one of the last bastions of America's Military, until an attack from the inside caused the downfall of the base, but a few forces were able to escape to Mackinac Island.


  • Wright's real life counterpart is Wright Patterson Military Base.
  • Wright has changed multiple times over the course of development, with material changes, to spawn changes to even entire building changes.
  • The creators of Wright were Pineapple and Wolf of Rose.